About Me...

Hi, I'm Vijay Raghunathan. Welcome to my online home.

Hi, I'm Vijay. Welcome to my online home. I'm based out of Bangalore, India.

My professional journey started in 2000. It was a great journey spanning multiple disciplines and industries (Telecom, FinTech, and IT).

In 2019, I co-founded Praying Mantis - a tech startup focused on emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, and Digital Twins.

Books & Articles

I write what I learn and experience. My writing happens in spurts (though I remind myself to be regular :)

You can find my articles in this blog and also on Entrepreneur.com and Thinkers360.  

The published books are available on Amazon : Digital Twins, Blockchain, and Analytics Translator.


You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora.

Thanks for dropping by !