Contrary to popular opinion, the boundaries of tokenomics extend far beyond fund raising. Tokenomics is the tool to create a thriving Web 3.0 economic ecosystem supported by tokens.

How to List and Sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) ?

With so many projects competing for users attention and money, the process leading to listing and selling NFTs can mean the difference between success and failure.
4 min read

How to Launch a Successful Token Sale ?

Token sales is a critical stage in the life of a crypto project. The sale of tokens not only helps in financing the project, but also introduces the project to investors and get early backers by distributing the tokens.
7 min read

DeFi - The Complete 101

DeFi is an alternate financial system built on blockchain, which is decentralised, trustless, and transparent. DeFi offers similar financial tools like trading, savings, insurance, and more - but cuts out the need for traditional financial institutions and intermediaries.
13 min read

Tokenomics - The Complete 101

Your Web 3.0 cryptocurrency project is a country with its own economy. You will launch a token to be used within your project. The monetary and fiscal policies you setup will determine the success or failure of the project.
12 min read