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21 Days of Lock-down

21 Days of Lock-down

A tough call, but a welcome

It reminds me of the days when I
administer medicine for my child. It starts with cajoling, elevates to reasoning,
borders on bribing, lingers on false anger, and the last blow.


The child is livid. I’m the
villain until I offer a treat. As a parent, I feel bad for what I did. Yet, the
safety and well-being of the child took precedence.

For days and weeks, the
government has been pleading with Indians to behave. To stay indoors. Avoid the
crowds. In our true indomitable style, we’ve been ignoring the pleas.

When all else cannot keep Indians
at bay, Modi delivers the blunt force!

For the next 21 days, this nation
of 1.3 billion is coming to a standstill. Unimaginable.

Yes, lots of things are at stake.
Economy. The downtrodden. Senior citizens and the sick. Daily wage earners.

A tough call, but a welcome
decision. Safety & well-being takes precedence.

For decades, no one kept me in
one place for a few hours. Where my parents, teachers, family, and everyone
else failed, Modi succeeds. Let’s make use of this opportunity of being at one

Much has been written about the
Corona Virus pandemic. For the next 21 days, I will look at what might change.
What might wait for us on the other side of this chaos?

Let’s start the first one – Privacy is dead. Thanks to Corona Virus!