Why Executives Need to Take Note of ‘Digital Twins’

“Digital Twins”, as a concept, has been around for a while. Michael Grieves at the University of Michigan in the US wrote about it in a whitepaper in 2002. NASA’s been long using Digital Twins for its space mission, as they (obviously)don’t have physical access to the equipment, once it leaves our planet. Simulation and visualization technologies have been in use for decades. Yet, Digital Twins didn’t capture the imagination of enterprises, until recently.

The proliferation of IOT devices, the ability to gather and manage big data, and the emergence of sophisticated analysis and prediction technologies, are now pushing the adoption of Digital Twins. Gartner named Digital Twins as the Top 10 Strategic Technology for 2017, fueling the imagination of enterprises. From there, it’s been a growth story.

What are Digital Twins? Why are they important? Why should the executives take note of them? Let’s explore. 

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