Logistic Regression: The Discrete Beauty!

“Why was your recent credit card application rejected? How did your telecom service provider figure out you were unhappy? How did your friend predict your favourite team losing in the world cup?” It’s logistic regression at work. How many times have we wondered, if life could be a simple yes or no? One-day, logistic regression, Read more about Logistic Regression: The Discrete Beauty![…]

Regression: The Crystal Ball of Machine Learning!

Despite the regressive tonality to the word, regression is one of the widely used techniques, in the field of Machine Learning. They are amongst the initial set of algorithms to be learnt, and widely used for prediction. Let’s find out, what’s progressive about regression. What is regression? The Free Dictionary defines regression as “A technique Read more about Regression: The Crystal Ball of Machine Learning![…]

The Hypothesis of Everything!

In my previous blog, I briefly touched upon the concept of hypothesis. Let’s get to see it in detail, in this blog. In the context of Machine Learning, hypothesis testing is one of the important concepts, especially in regression modelling. What is a hypothesis? In the context of business, any business makes a certain claim, Read more about The Hypothesis of Everything![…]

Why should the Machines learn?

The machines, as we know of until recently, takes instructions from the human masters, and execute them. Humans have “codified” their learning into the machines, and these rule-based systems are changing now, with Machine Learning. The goal of machine learning is to enable computers to “learn” through the “experience” of performing a “task”. But, why Read more about Why should the Machines learn?[…]

Problem solving framework for analytics

In my previous blogs, I covered the several types of analytics (descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive), including Big Data Analytics. By now, we know that, the primary objective of analytics is to aid decision making. In the process of enabling decisions, problems will have to be solved. How does one solve a problem using analytics? The Read more about Problem solving framework for analytics[…]

Big Data Analytics

How does Amazon recommend the next purchase? Can Artificial Intelligence predict court case outcomes? The answer lies in Big Data Analytics. In the previous blog, I covered the Big picture on Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. If you’ve been in tatters with “Big Data Analytics”, then fret not. The underlying principle of analytics remains the Read more about Big Data Analytics[…]

The Big Picture of Analytics & Machine Learning

Business intelligence, Business Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Scientist – many terminologies and varying definitions exists today, as it happens with any emerging technology and industry. A beginner will get lost, within minutes, in this quagmire of jargons. And I did too. Until a set of standardisation is established, Read more about The Big Picture of Analytics & Machine Learning[…]

The Trust Deficit of Machine Learning & Analytics

“Executives and managers are being asked to make major decisions based on the output of an algorithm that they didn’t create and don’t always fully understand” – Dr Thomas Erwin, Head of Global Lighthouse, KPMG International, in the KPMG’s report Guardians of Trust Harvard Business Review (HBR), in this article, argued on the need for Read more about The Trust Deficit of Machine Learning & Analytics[…]