Why should the Machines learn?

The machines, as we know of until recently, takes instructions from the human masters, and execute them. Humans have “codified” their learning into the machines, and these rule-based systems are changing now, with Machine Learning. The goal of machine learning is to enable computers to “learn” through the “experience” of performing a “task”. But, why Read more about Why should the Machines learn?[…]

The Trust Deficit of Machine Learning & Analytics

“Executives and managers are being asked to make major decisions based on the output of an algorithm that they didn’t create and don’t always fully understand” – Dr Thomas Erwin, Head of Global Lighthouse, KPMG International, in the KPMG’s report Guardians of Trust Harvard Business Review (HBR), in this article, argued on the need for Read more about The Trust Deficit of Machine Learning & Analytics[…]