One’s Not Enough! Time for Twins

Here’s a poser: Could ‘digital twin’ boost green initiatives to help find sustainable solutions? A little honesty will help here. Everyone wants to lead a ‘good’ life. But we don’t know how to get there sustainably. Our old methods continue to destroy the only habitable planet we know of. We are clueless in reversing the damage Read more about One’s Not Enough! Time for Twins[…]

Why Blockchain and Digital Twins Are Good Partners?

Data is good. Data is vital. Data is progress. The technology to harness, process and interpret the data from our world is constantly improving. Thanks to these technological advances, today, we can dream bold of finding solutions to the most complex problems challenging us. Yet, like the Yin and the Yang, the darker side of Read more about Why Blockchain and Digital Twins Are Good Partners?[…]

A Quantum Leap for the Digital Twins

The modern computers we are used to today are already garnering the tag of “classical computers”. A new kid in the block –quantum computing – is stepping out of the labs into the real world. Quantum computing is expected to unleash computing capabilities hitherto unknown to humankind. The American self-help writer Guy Finley said, “The Read more about A Quantum Leap for the Digital Twins[…]

Digital Twins : The Wisdom of the Crowd

Wisdom of the crowd, credited to Aristotle’s theory of collective judgement, is a well-established principle. The core premise is a group of people collectively make smarter and better decisions, in comparison to the individual experts. Plenty of examples are available around us—Wikipedia, stock market, Google navigation, user rating on websites like Amazon, AirBnB and, of course, those most-dreaded business Read more about Digital Twins : The Wisdom of the Crowd[…]

Three Stars of the Next Technology Revolution

When the first humans set their foot out of Africa, the transition from an insulated to an interconnected world begun. Backed by continuous innovation, humanity moved from one dominant socio-economic state to the other— hunter-gatherers to agricultural, agricultural to industrial and industrial to the current knowledge and information-driven society. From one revolution to another, a Read more about Three Stars of the Next Technology Revolution[…]

The Trust Deficit of Machine Learning & Analytics

“Executives and managers are being asked to make major decisions based on the output of an algorithm that they didn’t create and don’t always fully understand” – Dr Thomas Erwin, Head of Global Lighthouse, KPMG International, in the KPMG’s report Guardians of Trust Harvard Business Review (HBR), in this article, argued on the need for Read more about The Trust Deficit of Machine Learning & Analytics[…]