Machines – How do they learn?

In my previous blog, I covered the relevance of Business Analytics and Machine Learning, followed by the various types of Machine Learning Algorithms, and problems solved. In this blog, and going forward, let’s start exploring the topic of Machine Learning. First, the fundamentals. What is Machine Learning? Tom M. Mitchell, definition is widely adopted in Read more about Machines – How do they learn?[…]

“Show, don’t tell” – The Important of Visualisation

My previous blog, on Business Intelligence covered Descriptive Analytics, and the elements of understanding the data. In this blog, the final part of the BI/Descriptive Analytics topic, I will cover the importance of visualisation, and why it matters for the analytics programs. Why visualisation is important? Visualisation benefits the end consumer in many ways, important Read more about “Show, don’t tell” – The Important of Visualisation[…]

Business Intelligence – The bridge between Head and Heart!

In my previous blog, I wrote about Descriptive Analytics – “what happened in the past” – as the route to Business Intelligence. In a later blog,  I covered the framework of analytics problem solving, where Data Summarisation, Data Visualisation, and simple Statistics, are important for Business Intelligence. In this blog, let’s understand Business Intelligence and Read more about Business Intelligence – The bridge between Head and Heart![…]

Big Data Analytics

How does Amazon recommend the next purchase? Can Artificial Intelligence predict court case outcomes? The answer lies in Big Data Analytics. In the previous blog, I covered the Big picture on Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. If you’ve been in tatters with “Big Data Analytics”, then fret not. The underlying principle of analytics remains the Read more about Big Data Analytics[…]