Why Digital Twins & BCI Complement Each Other ?

Elon Musk has a history with drilling holes. First, The Boring Company. Now, Neuralink. Musk wants to drill holes in the brain with the Neuralink’s Brain-Computer interface (BCI). The idea of thought-as-an-interface to the computers has been around for a while. A variety of BCI devices already exist in the market, ranging from medical applications to mood Read more about Why Digital Twins & BCI Complement Each Other ?[…]

Why Executives Need to Take Note of ‘Digital Twins’

“Digital Twins”, as a concept, has been around for a while. Michael Grieves at the University of Michigan in the US wrote about it in a whitepaper in 2002. NASA’s been long using Digital Twins for its space mission, as they (obviously)don’t have physical access to the equipment, once it leaves our planet. Simulation and Read more about Why Executives Need to Take Note of ‘Digital Twins’[…]

Three Stars of the Next Technology Revolution

When the first humans set their foot out of Africa, the transition from an insulated to an interconnected world begun. Backed by continuous innovation, humanity moved from one dominant socio-economic state to the other— hunter-gatherers to agricultural, agricultural to industrial and industrial to the current knowledge and information-driven society. From one revolution to another, a Read more about Three Stars of the Next Technology Revolution[…]

Tools to get started with the Analytics, and Machine Learning!

“Tools enable, tools restrain, and tools kills” – choosing them wisely will make the difference between learning and frustration. Given the broad nature of the subject, a variety of tools – ranging from data ingestion till visualisation – are used for Analytics and Machine Learning. “Make sure that you always have the right tools for Read more about Tools to get started with the Analytics, and Machine Learning![…]

The (Decision) Trees leads to the (Random) Forest!

Many a times, we are overwhelmed with the size of a problem, and left confounded. A common and an effective problem-solving strategy is to “break it down” into smaller components. This breaking down, helps manage the chunks, instead of one monolithic monster. Decision trees employ similar techniques to solve prediction problems. What is a decision Read more about The (Decision) Trees leads to the (Random) Forest![…]

Logistic Regression: The Discrete Beauty!

“Why was your recent credit card application rejected? How did your telecom service provider figure out you were unhappy? How did your friend predict your favourite team losing in the world cup?” It’s logistic regression at work. How many times have we wondered, if life could be a simple yes or no? One-day, logistic regression, Read more about Logistic Regression: The Discrete Beauty![…]

Regression: The Crystal Ball of Machine Learning!

Despite the regressive tonality to the word, regression is one of the widely used techniques, in the field of Machine Learning. They are amongst the initial set of algorithms to be learnt, and widely used for prediction. Let’s find out, what’s progressive about regression. What is regression? The Free Dictionary defines regression as “A technique Read more about Regression: The Crystal Ball of Machine Learning![…]

The Hypothesis of Everything!

In my previous blog, I briefly touched upon the concept of hypothesis. Let’s get to see it in detail, in this blog. In the context of Machine Learning, hypothesis testing is one of the important concepts, especially in regression modelling. What is a hypothesis? In the context of business, any business makes a certain claim, Read more about The Hypothesis of Everything![…]

Machines – How do they learn?

In my previous blog, I covered the relevance of Business Analytics and Machine Learning, followed by the various types of Machine Learning Algorithms, and problems solved. In this blog, and going forward, let’s start exploring the topic of Machine Learning. First, the fundamentals. What is Machine Learning? Tom M. Mitchell, definition is widely adopted in Read more about Machines – How do they learn?[…]