The Woods Are Lovely, Dark And Deep, But I Have Promises To Keep, And Miles To Go Before I Sleep, And Miles To Go Before I Sleep …

Robert Frost


My professional journey started at the turn of this century. Communications sector was rising. The world was changing with the mobile, social, and cloud revolution.

I rode the revolution — taking on various technical and commercial roles, leading teams at the strategic and tactical levels, collaborating with the largest enterprises and brand new startups, solving challenges with customers in India and over 50 countries across the world.

An exciting journey!


The next revolution is taking place – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IOT are leading the digital transformation. Little drops are blessing us. The showers will follow. It’s time to build on top of the learning, foundation and experiences of the past 18 years.

At present, I’ve co-founded Praying Mantis – a tech startup out of Bengaluru, India – and working on the emerging technologies.

I’m excited, all over again !


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