65+ Emerging Roles : Future of Jobs

Take a look around. Be it in our life or work, we are not doing what we did 15 years back. Things have changed – some for good and some for worse. Being in the midst of the next-gen technologies, one thing I can say with confidence — disruption lies ahead. AI, robotics & automation are advancing rapidly. What jobs will humans be doing in the future? I set to find out some answers.

At the start, I was at a complete loss — too much of information on your search screens; ambiguous ideas floating around and lots of noise (scaremongers vs optimists). To retain sanity, I applied a few practical filters:

  • Disregard the “black swan” events: If Artificial Intelligence is going to become the super-species and kill the homo-sapiens, so be it. No one has an answer to it today. Nor, we are going to have anytime soon
  • Limit the time horizon: Futureis always hazy. It gets hazier as the horizon widens. Therefore, I limited the time window to 10 years (until 2030)
  • What is lost is lost: There will be job losses as the technology advances. While it is important to be aware of what we might lose, what’s absolute is, to know what we might gain and how to be prepared for it

Broadly, I can summarise my research into 3 categories:

  • Rise of the existing jobs: These are the jobs that exist (and popular) today. These jobs are on the rise and the demand will continue
  • Jobs of 2025: These jobs may or may not exist today (or probably known by a different name altogether). Such jobs are anticipated to peak in 2025
  • Jobs of 2030: Like the jobs of 2025, these jobs may or may not exist today, but anticipated to peak in 2030

PS: There were quite a bit of wonky ones, which I’ve excluded. Some I’ve retained on the list, out of sheer fascination 🙂

 1) Existing jobs on the rise

#Job Role
1Athletic trainers/physical therapists
2Big Data careers
4Computer systems analyst
5HVAC technician
6Market research analyst and marketing specialist jobs
7Medical technicians
8R&D – Biology, Chemistry, Math, Engineering, Computer technology
9Retail and other sales representatives
10Software developer
11Teachers and trainers 

2) Jobs for 2025

# Job Role
1 3D printer design specialist
2 Automation architect/developers
3 Cybersecurity professionals
4 Data miners
5 Drone dispatcher
6 Emerging materials engineer
7 End-of-life planner
8 Environmental Engineers
9 Garbage miner
10 Gene programmers
11 Genetic counsellor & child designers
12 Human factors engineers and ergonomists
13 Knowledge engineers
14 Memory manipulator
15 Multimedia/virtual-reality artist
16 Neuro-implant technicians
17 Pharmers
18 Robotics engineers
19 Defence electronics engineers
20 Satellite engineers
21 Tissue engineers
22 Turing testers
23 Urban farmers / vertical farmers
24 Virtual-reality actors
25 Workplace ergonomics experts

3) Jobs for 2030

#Job Role
1Alternative currency banker
2Alternative Energy Consultant
3Alternative vehicle developers
4Amnesia surgeon
5Aquaponic Fish Farmer
13Big data doctor
14Bio-botic physician
15Bio-botist assistant
16Bioregenerative integrator
17Body part-maker
18Bot lobbiest
19Brain quant
20Brain signal decoder (mind reader)
21Chief experience officer
22Climate change reversal specialist
23Digital archaeologist
24Digital identity planner
27Holodeck trainer
28Memory augmentation surgeon
29Microbial balancer
32Personal Internet of Things (IoT) Security Repair Person
33Plant psychologists
34Recombinant farmer
35Robot Counselor
36Seed capitalist
37Smart road designer/engineer
38Solar Technology Specialist
39Space junk hauler
40Space junk recycler
41Space pilots, space tour guides
42Trans-humanist consultant
43Virtual lawyer

It’s quite interesting to see the resilience of some jobs, and naturally with technological advancement, the emergence of new ones.

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